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Sorry, Not Available for Freelance at the moment
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miica [米加] [ミーカ]

Age__ | 28 |

Profession__ | 3d Artist |

Software equipments__ | Maya, 3ds max, Nvil, Photoshop, UVLayout, 3d-Coat |

Strength__ | Modeling, Rendering, Character sculpts |

Weakness__ | Concept art, Texturing, Animation, Graphic design |

Maya User since 2007, started learning 3d because I wanted to create a game like Final Fantasy 8. Learning game programming because of the same reason. Found out juggling both is impossible so gave up game programming once I enrolled in the Faculty of Creative Multimedia. I still retain some programming skills which I utilize in creation of Maya scripts, I have a few humble scripts that I wish to share to the public. I have strong interest in character designs, although I hardly design them myself… What I usually do is taking the concept design of others and turn them into 3d, which is what I am pretty good at I think.

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