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Old Toys Studios

I created a short introduction video for a contest held at

Based on the following brief:

I am getting a hard time getting jobs at, and while skimming through the list of job requests, something caught my attention, the contests. Working on a contest is like gamble, if you didn’t win, all your efforts will be for nothing. But I am prepared to waste some of my time, and I thought it can be used as a portfolio piece, which is fine.

I modeled out the robot based on some references I found. I also modify the design a little bit. Then I did some camera works and animate the robot a little bit. I figured I can’t animate something too complex because the required duration for the animation is very short, about 5 seconds.

I use Maya Vray to render out the animation. I use After Effects for compositing and adding some effects (particles, glows, etc).

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