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Meryl marmoset

Meryl is a character I created to enable me to dabble in Unity Asset Store.


Meryl wip

Unity preview


I start to design her around 1st of June, after I finished up some character works for Framemotion. I gathered most of my references from Pixiv, because I am most inspired by those artwork by Japanese. I took some inspirations from here and there.. and once I have some rough idea how she will looks, I started modeling.

I also planned for her to be hand painted, instead of the “bake from high res” type of look.

I came to understand how inexperienced I am in drawing and painting, and thus texturing her took a long time, as I go through some trial and errors.

After the model is done, working on the animation and getting her to works inside Unity also something I had to explore. I spent a lot of time on tutorials, in the end, it took me 3 months (while working on some other stuffs too hehehe) to complete the whole asset and submit her to the asset store.


Meryl wireframe

Meryl preview


Finally, Meryl has been approved by Unity Asset Store (Yes!) and she’s now available to be purchased, click.


You can also check out Meryl with animation demo at Youtube.

And you can access the demo ( here too:

Meryl unity webplay


I am also rather proud to see her getting a Staff Pick! and many likes! at Sketchfab! check it out:

by miica
on Sketchfab


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