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Golf Swing Girl

This little girl started off as my entry to a contest.

I designed this girl based on provided description:


Below you can see the initial sculpt in Zbrush:


Below is the finished model in Maya.


The wireframes:


After I modeled out the characater, I proceed to rig her and her hairs. The hairs are rigged to be driven by Maya’s nhair dynamics.

Other than hair rigging, it’s also good to brush up my animation skills. I haven’t did any animation for the last couple of years (1-2 years I guess), I am so rusty I had to spend quite some time learning from tutorials.

I have to imitate the animation in this video 3D animation exercise – Golf Player Driver Swing, which is quite a challenge.

After I finished the animation, I proceed to rendering. I choose mental ray, over Vray, because in my last project, the Old Toys Studio animation took almost a day to render out using Vray. I decide not to spend too much time rendering this time. The animation took about 4 hours to render (with motion blur on).

I failed in this contest, but it was a good learning oppoturnity. I also didn’t want to waste this character so I put it up on Turbosquid too.


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