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Year 2015 Review

Since last year near the end of the year, I had wanted to write something like a new year resolution. I couldn’t write it because I still feel pretty insecure of the future, sometimes I lost hope, but recently I see some hopes again. So before that I would like to reflect on year 2015. I have created a timeline to show what I have worked on in the past year.

Got some achievements right there, I got my portfolio website running and had it populated with quite a bit of works. It’s better than year 2014, although financially it’s much worse as I spent lots of time just working on portfolio.

I am not really working hard enough, I would slip in plenty of anime, dramas and movies during working days. My working pattern actually goes up and down, like I would work for long hours for 3 days and on the fourth day I would suddenly couldn’t make myself to do any more works, I would slip into watching shows for a day or two and slowly get back into zone. That’s how it’s like for most part of the year until the last few months when I start working on Retool, my working habit has stabilized. I am able to do some work every day consistently. Even if I am interrupted for like half a day, I can get back to working right after that. I mean I have had much less mood swing and it’s easier to get into the zone.

The freelance works I did doesn’t generated much of an income, I am not quite sure whether I still lack in skills, whether I am not looking hard enough for jobs, or I am looking at the wrong place (I am sure is the last one). Finding freelance jobs is still hard, and when I do find it, the pay wasn’t really great. I am looking to join a company this year, I have been wary of joining any company thus far because I always end up stressed in a company but let’s approach it a little bit differently this time.

2016 starts out great, I will work harder this year as well, 2016 here I come!!! and finally I have to thanks Framemotion, Lovepreet and the Teddy bear client for providing me character works :)

Happy 2016 Everyone!!!


January 31, 2016


About Retool


Retool is a puzzle game about hacking into computers to rewire electronics. Currently being developed by game developer Lovepreet Singh and a few artists. I am responsible to create 3d characters for the game.

If you would like to learn more about Retool, please head over to the offical webpage (, currently it’s still being developed but there is a demo that you can download and play.

For me, it all started with me bumping into this post, I applied and got hired and start working on the characters around mid October 2015.

There are 6 characters assigned to me, 3 humans and 3 alien race called Onix.

Maria is the main character and Onix Guards are the one that’ll be stationed around the levels I guess, I haven’t learned about what role Majar General and Chieftain Kuai will play in the game and ow they will appear, but I am looking forward to it!

January 13, 2016


Hello world!

Hello World! This is miica, I finally got myself a website with my own domain 😀


July 24, 2015